Fresh personal training is a place where you can reach your goals while having fun! We offer fitness memberships from 40 euro a month.


  • Unlimited training at the best location of Amsterdam
  • Training with a personalized training program made by our training experts
  • Participation in circuit training and bootcamps


Do you get energized from kickboxing? Do you want to train with an experienced kick box trainer with real game experience? Please let us know.

Mylogenics Paincheck

Do you experience pain? Or is an old injury keep getting back? Let your body get checked at Fresh Personal Training by our Mylogenic Advanced Practioner.

Fresh Experience

Want to have a fun workout with a group of nice people? Sometimes in our high-end gym other times you will enjoy the view of the IJ during your workout? It can be near the IJ or with rainy weather on our special dry spot?

Small group personal training

This is a perfect form of personal training if you just need that extra bit of attention. You train with a trainer and 3 or 4 others at the same time. In this session you train with your own training program, but you will be guided by the trainer to make sure you're doing everything right.

You will do the warm up together and there is enough time to ask questions about training and nutrition: the ideal way to really get your results. Small group personal training is available from 20 euro a session.

Personal Training

You get started with your coach to see what really works for you in terms of training, nutrition and mental health. You can do these sessions in addition to your own workouts to be sure of a perfect technique and training program. Or you want to have an appointment with a trainer each time you get into the gym to make sure you get the most out of your work out. There is always a plan that suits you. Personal Training is available from 65 euro a month.