Sports is very important right now, because it is a lifestyle. An indispensable factor in our well-being: both physically and mentally. As a personal trainer I can share my knowledge and expertise with others, precisely in order to be able to optimize the well-being of others. I do this by getting to know you personally, to make an analysis, so that together we can draw up a plan that will realize your goals. Together we write your story.

My story started early in childhood. I knew since I could walk that I would end up in the sport. It’s in my genes. I come from a sporting family who taught me that sports also gives other important factors: being together, helping people achieve their goals and being there for others. My greatest strength is that I can motivate people through my enthusiasm, which nicely complements my expertise.

‘I do not believe you have to be better than everyone else. I believe you have to be better than you ever thought you could be’

As a professional I watch over the change process by looking at the following elements:
– that people feel nice, but also appreciated
– that they actually achieve their goals
– that they come back, because they feel helped by my way of guiding.

In short: when can I meet you personally?

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Muscle mass
Target specificity

Sports and exercise coordinator trainer / coach
Aalo fitvak a
Aalo fitvak b
Aalo master
Aalo personal training
Sports and game trainer
City bootcamp trainer
ACE sports massage