Sport is my passion. I think it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle: exercise regularly and pay attention to your diet on a daily basis. I do martial arts and also regularly strength training. I’ve always had an obsession for strength and what you can achieve with your body.

“Exercise regularly and pay attention to your diet on a daily basis.”

At Fresh I am active as a fitness instructor, personal trainer and kickboxing teacher. I also provide pad training and private kickboxing sessions. As a trainer I like to build a bond with my clients. It gives me satisfaction when people reach their goals and achieve results. Regarding nutrition, I can also mean something to you. With hard training you can go a long way, but to achieve your goals faster and more effectively, a balanced diet is indispensable. Do you want to lose weight? Build some muscle? Get a healthier life? Or just workout on the pads in a kickboxing session? Then we can work on it together.

NSCA Certified Personal Trainer


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